Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Secrets of the greatest Astrologers and Mediums

The scammers from Maria Duval are at it again. This time they've changed their disguise. They've got a SECRET and they can lead you to MONEY & LOVE. But, just in case you don't believe them, you can always file a complaint with the Competition Bureau, because the newspaper chains that accept these ads that are inside the Smart Source supplements that come with your weekend newspaper don't give a damn about this.

Their Revelation of the Greatest Secret to Happiness of All Time will lead you to a life, not of happiness, or good health, but it will be followed up by annoying e-mails, or direct mail campaigns that try to get you to spend money on their worthless crap.

Click here to view the latest advertisement that appeared in the Smart Source on February 18, 2006.


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